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Wilson Street Wilson Street

Wilson Street


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56 Wilson Street
Luxe Haus
Ewert Leaf
Interior Design:
Mim Design

Inspired by the local surrounds & history of the site, the interiors respond to the bold forms & materiality of the Architectural Design whilst charming purchasers with contemporary and refined elegance. Councillor Thomas Wilson (1835 – 1923) was a leader of the local community famous for his family name, influence & charisma. Mayor of Brighton five times, he was a local member of council for most of his life. Having lived in Brighton with his family since the age of 6, he was the son of prominent land speculator William Wilson, of which Wilson Street is named. Upon Thomas Wilson’s death it was reported “the city of Brighton lost a picturesque and interesting personality.” Taking inspiration from the tales of this local character, Wilson St Apartments reflect the refined grandeur of the areas bygone era with a contemporary aesthetic; Classic and genteel like ‘Brighton’s Grand Old Man’.

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